Kids - Mover

How It Works

This course is for kids with prior English learning experience. It is ideal for kids who are in the third grade in primary school.

Sample Task

1. Read, listen, and repeat.

2. Look at the picture and read the text.

There are two pillows in the picture. The pink pillow is on the bed. The green pillow is under the chair. There are three toys on the sofa. There is a red car between the doll and the bear. There are two pets in the picture. There is a cat on the bed and there is a dog under the table. The cat is white and brown. The dog is black. There is a train between the bed and the table. There is a chair next to the table. There is a basket on the chair. There is a purple ball in the basket.

3. Look at the picture and write in, on, between, under, or next to.