Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register?
Registration on our website is limited to adult private individuals only.

How can minors learn with the courses?
Underage users can use the site through their parent/guardian’s account.
Only adult private individuals are allowed to subscribe to our courses. Parents or guardians can register on the site with their own email address. Parents or guardians can subscribe to the website’s courses. The account created with the email address of the parent/guardian may be used by an underage user.

How can an account be used?
Underage users can use the site through their parent/guardian’s account.
It is forbidden to transfer the use of the account to other individuals.
Each account must only be used by a single user. Each account is limited to a one-course subscription. To subscribe to multiple courses, you must create separate accounts, each associated with a unique email address.
The sharing of account access with third parties is strictly prohibited and constitutes a violation of our terms of use.

How does the subscription work?
Each course has a monthly fee. Subscription fees are processed through WooPayments. Subscribers can save their card data and the system automatically deducts the monthly subscription fee. Our website does not store the customer’s credit card number and security codes. The payment gateway shares this information directly with the payment processor. For further information:

What is your refund policy?
The users acknowledge that upon starting the subscription, they lose their right to withdraw consent.

Where can I manage my data?
Under My Account menu item.

Can I change courses?
We can manually enrol you on another course. Please contact us at

How can I cancel my subscription?
Users can cancel subscriptions at any time. Users can manage their subscriptions in the My Account menu item under Subscriptions. Upon cancelling a subscription, the course remains accessible for the duration of the remaining subscription period.

Where can I modify my payment data?
It is possible to modify the payment data in the My Account menu item under Payment Methods.

Where can I see my next monthly payment?
The user can see the date of the next monthly subscription deduction under the menu item My Account under Subscriptions.

How do automatic recurring payments work?
In the case of automatically recurring payments, the system automatically deducts the monthly fee for the course. Manage and check data under My Account Subscriptions.

What happens if my monthly payment fails?
If the monthly course fee is not paid on the payment due date, the system will attempt to deduct the amount again after 24 hours. In the event of an unsuccessful withdrawal, the system will attempt to withdraw the amount again in 24 hours.
Following the fifth unsuccessful payment, the user’s access to the course is revoked.
If this happens and you want to access the course again, please contact customer service.
If the first withdrawal attempt fails, the user will receive an email notification 48 hours later regarding the unsuccessful payment. If necessary, please change your payment information in the My Account menu item.

What precautions are required from the user?
Do NOT share any personally identifiable information about minors. Please discuss this with your child as well. Identifiable information can be a full name, address, phone number, etc.
Users can request the deletion of their accounts via email upon special request.