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Frequently Asked Questions

Our English language learning courses are designed for self-learning. Each course is tailored to a specific age group and English proficiency level.

Registration on our website is limited to adult private individuals only.  Parents or guardians can register on the site with their own email address. Parents or guardians can subscribe to the website’s courses. The account created with the email address of the parent/guardian may be used by an underage user.

Each course has a monthly paid subscription. Each account must only be used by a single user. Each account is limited to a one-course subscription. To subscribe to multiple courses, you must create separate accounts, each associated with a unique email address.

The users acknowledge that upon starting the subscription, they lose their right of withdrawal.

Please see the following passage in our Terms of Use:

 “supply of digital content which is not supplied on a tangible medium if the performance has begun with the consumer’s prior express consent and his acknowledgement that he thereby loses his right of withdrawal”

By subscribing to a course, you accept our Terms of Use,  therefore you acknowledge that you lose your right of withdrawal.

You can read more about this here in different languages:

online digital content: “if you have already started downloading or streaming it and you agreed that you would lose your right of withdrawal by starting the performance”

You can modify your data in the My Account menu item.

Got more questions? See our FAQ page.