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How to Choose a Course

Read the Description

 The courses are adjusted to match the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Kids’ courses are aligned with the four years of primary school. Teenager courses are aligned with the four years of middle school. 

Do the Sample Task

Please always complete the sample task before choosing a course. 

Our courses for children are interactive and enjoyable, focusing on learning through play. They incorporate plenty of repetition to establish a strong foundation for language learning.
Courses for teenagers dive deeper into grammar and vocabulary. Our courses help teenagers to develop strong language learning strategies.

Courses for Kids

Please look at our sample tasks to decide which course is the most suitable for your child. 

For complete beginners. Suitable for kids aged between five and six. For kids who are starting primary school or still in kindergarten.
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Kids – Starter

⇒  For beginners. This course is ideal for kids who can read and write and are in the second grade in primary school.
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Kids – Mover

⇒ For kids with prior English learning experience. For kids who are starting the third grade in primary school.
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Kids – Mover Plus

⇒ For kids with at least two years of English learning experience. Suitable for those starting the fourth grade in primary school.
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Our Courses for Kids

Structure of a Kids Course​

Each course consists of 26 lessons, each with 6-8 tasks. Every learner can learn at their own pace and revisit lessons as many times as they want. Each course is designed one year long. However, the time of completing the course may vary with each student. Each course comes with monthly payments.

How to Make a Study Plan

1. Consistency is key
We suggest studying a little bit every week, even every day. You can easily manage your learning while keeping in mind that our courses are designed one year long. Each course contains 26 lessons. Each lesson contains 6 to 8 tasks. 

2. Pay attention to your attention
Learn as much as you feel effective. It can vary from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. Always know your limit. 
Our tasks are designed to be completed in one sitting, however, always keep in mind your own learning pace.

3. Create a dedicated learning space
Designate a quiet, organized, and comfortable place for learning.
Please, if possible use a tablet, PC, or notebook for learning. Using a small screen is not optional for learning.

4. Minimize distractions to boost concentration.
Find the best way to concentrate.

A Kids Course in Numbers








Courses for Teenagers

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